Professional Association & Best Practice is Key to Our Success and That’s Why We Are Part of Road Haulage Association

road-haulage-association-logoThe UK economy rely’s heavily on the haulage of goods so its essential that the haulage industry exercises best practice. The haulage industry alos needs to be represented and proactive at local national and European level, and that’s where the Road Haulage Association comes in and why we are members.


By being an active member of the Road Haulage Association C&D South West commits and takes part in being efficient, responsive and the safest haulage company in the industry. Through the Road Haulage Association we ensure we meet standards such as producing ways to reduce environmental burden but also keeping our staff highly trained and keeping abreast of industry developments.


road haulage association member truckBut What Does That Mean To Me As A C&D South West Customer?

As a customer of C&D South West our membership to the Road Haulage Association means that we have access to multiple resources that affect all aspects of your delivery. This could be simple procedures that reinforce our promise to you but also any issues that may arise from the many variables that make affect shipment of your goods. In short, its an extra line of defence and service backup with a continuous program of  development for our staff to ensure we are maximising the quality of delivery we provide.


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C&D is part of eco starts fleet recognition scheme


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