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We hope that you and your families are well.

We are now introducing our weekly operational coronavirus updates as we enter a secondary wave of regionally-based lockdown restrictions across the UK and Europe. We will monitor the situation and advise you of any issues as they arise – please also keep track of any of the changes via the various UK Government websites.

Operational changes

No operational changes

The following will continue until further notice, and will be reviewed ongoing

EPOD – we continue not handing over the EPOD devices to our customers as per our previous update. In the event of an EPOD being unavailable, paperwork should be printed from Alliance, with the driver recording the consignee name on the paperwork themselves.

Drivers will endeavour to take photos of the pallet if practical.

This change will continue

Delivery Paperwork – Due to the pandemic and reducing contact, our delivery depots across the network may or may not choose to handle delivery paperwork. If delivery paperwork is requested, our delivery depots across the network will print off in the normal way, but the driver will record the consignee name themselves and not handover the paperwork, to limit contact. If the consignee requires paperwork the consignor should affix to the pallet. This change will continue, the network are currently reviewing all paperwork processes as it remains our intention not to handle paperwork within the network to embrace our technology and reduce our impact on the environment.

UK Network

Status – Normal operations
All of our depots are operating normally.

The network is currently operating a normal service.

There are local lockdowns in place in various parts of the UK, however we expect all delivering depots to adhere to all MOM rules (apart from the exceptions above) and continue to offer a full service. Please try to ensure that the delivery points are open and receiving goods prior to sending them.

Central Hub Operation

Status – Normal Operations
The hub is operating as normal at the current time.

Amazon Network
Please refer to separate Amazon updates

European Network

Generally we are operating as close to “business as usual” as possible, however there are country-specific restrictions in place, therefore please can we ask all customers to follow the below general guidelines again:

• Our European partners are requesting that the senders of the goods confirm the consignee is open and OK to receive goods (eg. Many restaurants, hotels, schools etc are closed). This is to avoid backlogs of freight, storage charges and consignments being returned. Feedback suggests that this confirmation is not happening in all cases.
• Please ensure every European job has a contact phone number on.


If you require any further information , please do not hesitate to contact us. 

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