Here are the most frequently asked questions about C & D South West and our service offering.

Commonly Asked:

Is there a cost to use your service?

There are no membership costs or hidden fees when using C & D South West. You simply pay for the shipping costs on the freight you move. To set up an account, please click here.

What can I ship?

We handle a variety of goods on a daily basis at C & D South West from Garden Furniture, to Stoves to Bottles of Beer! However, all goods sent with us must be ambient, non hazardous and secured to a pallet for onward shipment. To find out more about pallet sizes and guidelines please click here.

What if my goods are not on a pallet?

We can offer a palletisation service for adhoc consignments that may not be palletised for collection. To request a quotation regarding this service, please click here.

What Warranties/Insurance do I have for my shipments?

All consignments benefit from free goods-in-transit insurance, for more information regarding insurance on your freight please see our Terms & Conditions. If our standard insurance does not meet your required level of cover, please contact us regarding additional insurance as this can be offered.

If my goods are lost or damaged, what do I need to do?

In line with our Customer Service Charter we aim to provide the highest quality service to all clients, however should the situation arise where goods are unfortunately lost or damaged in transit please contact your account manager or our customer service team as soon as possible to report this so we can investigate & process accordingly.

What are C&D operating hours?

Our operation runs 24 hours a day, Monday to Friday. Until 12.00 on a Saturday and closed on Sundays. If you have a request outside of our working hours please contact us and we will respond as quickly as we can.

What's the best number and email to contact C&D on ?

Our main contact number is 01460 64701 and the fastest way to reach us, however if you prefer to email please click here so your enquiry can be directed to the relevant department.

How can I track my order?

All consignments are tracked via our online portal that can be accessed here. We can also offer tracking updates with twitter, email and text notifications for each delivery. Please click here for more information.

Delivery Options:

Do you offer deliveries in Europe?

Yes, we offer services to over 30 European and international destinations with competitive transit times. This is a direct service using our network fleet and tracked and traced via our online service. Find more information here.

What areas can you not offer a next day service to?

As founding members of the Palletforce Network, we can offer a next-day service to most UK postcodes. However certain postcodes in the Scottish Highlands, Northern Ireland and Channel Islands cannot offer a 24 hour service. To find out more please contact your account manager or a member of our customer service team.

How Much notice do you need for collections?

For account holders, the cut off time is dependent on your location however most collections can be accommodated the same day if we are advised by 12 noon, including reverse collections. For more information regarding collection cut off times, please contact us.

When will my consignment be delivered?

We offer a variety of flexible service options for your freight, meaning it can be delivered as you request it. This ranges from same-day delivery, to economy and premium services. For more information about our service offerings, please click here.

Will the pallet / rubbish be taken away?

Our standard service offering is kerbside delivery, meaning we cannot provide a pallet removal service and delivery points are expected to accept the delivery of the pallet and contents in full. However, we can request pallet removal at the drivers discretion if we are pre-advised.

Can I have a delivery made after 5pm?

Our standard service offering for delivery and collection times is between the hours of 09.00-17.00. Should you have a specific time requirement, or a consignment that falls outside these hours please Contact Us.

Delayed Deliveries:

My shipment is late, what should I do?

In the occasion that your freight is delayed, we will always endeavour to communicate with you prior to this happening. However if for any reason this has not happened due to unforeseen circumstances, please Contact Us.

My delivery is late and I have had to pay contractors on site waiting for the goods, will you cover this?

All deliveries are covered under our standard terms & conditions, unfortunately consequential loss is not currently we offer under our existing terms. To view our terms & conditions please click here.

Tracking & Delivery Notifications:

Can you let my customer know when you are delivering?

With our online portal, you have full access to your consignments and can add all relevant information into the consignment notes for each delivery. If this means they request a phone call prior to delivery then all you need to do is state this when booking your consignment. You can also request consignment notifications via email, text and twitter. Click here to find out more about our delivery notifications.

Will my customer be notified prior to delivery?

If this is required, then yes! Our clients ship to a range of end destinations with varied requirements, if your end client needs notification prior to delivery this can either be done by using our Book In Service, by requesting delivery notifications or by a pre-delivery phone call from the driver. To find out which option would work best for you, please give us a call.

Access Restrictions:

What if there are access restrictions to my collection or delivery point?

At C & D South West and across the Palletforce Network we offer a range of vehicles from 7.5 tonne LGV’s to 44 tonne articulated unit and trailer combinations! Smaller vehicles to access delivery points can be requested at the time of booking for no extra charge. If a vehicle smaller than 7.5 tonnes is required then additional charges will apply.

Billing & Invoicing:

How do I receive my invoices?

All consignments are invoiced weekly and will be sent to your accounts contact via email as default (to reduce our paper usage). Should you require paper invoices please contact your account manager.

Do you accept card payments?

Unfortunately we do not accept card payments, all consignments must be paid for on an account basis via BACS or direct debit.

What are consignment surcharges and how much are they?

We have a variety of different surcharges that can apply to your consignments depending on your requirements. Please contact your account manager or the customer services department for an updated list of surcharges that will provide you with all the explanations for each surcharge and the relevant cost if applicable.

I have an invoice query?

If something does not seem right on your invoice, please get in touch with our invoicing team who will look into the matter to get it resolved as quickly as possible. Please click here if you have an invoice query.

Pallet Dimensions & Packaging:

How do I package and label a pallet correctly for onward shipment?

Please refer to the Pallet Guidelines page to find all the information you need regarding the correcting packaging and labelling of your freight for onward shipment.

What are the different pallet dimensions?

We handle a variety of pallet sizes on a daily basis at C & D South West! However, all goods sent with us must be in line with our Pallet Guidelines and secured to a pallet for onward shipment. To find out more about pallet sizes and guidelines please click here.

My consignment / pallet is bigger than normal, how much will the charge be?

If you are sending oversized freight that falls outside the Pallet Guidelines on your rate-card, please contact our quotes team with the pallet dimensions who will provide you with the accurate price.

Offloading Of Your Pallets:

What if there is no forklift at the collection or delivery point?

If you or your customer does not have a forklift at the collection or delivery point, we can arrange for a Tail Lift collection or delivery service. This means that if you do not have a forklift, we can still transport your goods. Please Contact Us for more information regarding tail-lift collections & deliveries.

What are the maximum dimensions allowed for a tail-lift delivery?

For tail-lift deliveries the maximum dimensions is a Full Pallet, no more than 1000kgs. If a 7.5 Tonne vehicle is required for delivery, the limit for the tail-lift is 750kgs. If your pallet is over-sized or you are unsure on what can be delivered via tail-lift, please contact our customer services team.

What are the maximum dimensions allowed for a fork-lift delivery?

For fork-lift deliveries the maximum weight permitted through our hub is 1900kgs. If your pallet is over-sized or you are unsure on what can be delivered via fork-lift, please contact our customer services team.

Proof Of Delivery:

Has my delivery been made?

All deliveries are tracked via our online portal with easy access to our consignment tracking system and proof of delivery. When you have set up an account with C & D South West, you will be provided with a login to our online portal to check all your deliveries with ease! If you would like to get set up on our system, please click here.

Does a delivery have to be signed for?

Standard practice for deliveries is that a signature is to be obtained at the delivery point with a date and time stamp. However if a driver arrives and nobody is on site, goods can be left upon request in a safe location if available.

Do I need to request proof of delivery (POD’s) for my consignments?

All our consignments are logged via our online portal and have an electronic proof of delivery available to access online.

Brexit FAQ’s

Will there be delays to exports and imports from Europe now we have left the EU?

Our intention is to maintain the same level of service to Europe now we have left the European Union. If you provide the right information required to export/import this will assist to ensure that delays are minimised. However, since January 1st we have seen delays at key exit and entry border crossings for all hauliers, together with newly planned customs systems we have seen delays beyond our control. Our international freight partners are exploring the most effective cross channel routes to avoid the most likely pinch points, endeavouring to keep any delays to a minimum.

Will it cost more to export to the EU after 1st January 2021?

Yes. As we have left the Customs Union with the EU there is a requirement to raise export and import customs declarations for all goods, regardless of a free trade agreement being struck. If a shipper chooses to use a customs broker or the C&D European services, there will be an administration fee payable for this service.

How do I pay the Customs Administrations Charges?

Any customs administration charges will be advised when quoting will and billed alongside the consignment charges on your invoice.

How do I instruct C&D & Palletforce to act as my customs representative?

This process is called Direct Representation and each consignment needs to be accompanied by this declaration. If you wish to use our network as your customs representative, we have a template form that must be completed before any import or exports are completed.

Will my delivery point overseas have to pay customs charges?

An Import Entry at the country of destination will need to reflect the cost of the import clearance and any VAT or duty applicable upon import.

Can I deal with my own customs declarations?

Yes, if you wish however, we will need to have a copy of the export declaration raised with customs approval to export at the time of collection. This will be required as an upload into our Alliance system.

Do you or Palletforce need to be AEO approved?

No, we do not need to have Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) approval. Our network partners at Palletforce are currently undertaking the necessary applications and approvals with HMRC for our export and import processes. Where C&D and Palletforce will utilise a customs partner they too will have established processes approved by HMRC. We will consider AEO should there be advantages to our network and clients from gaining approval.

C & D South West or Palletforce isn't listed on the Government website as a possible partner for customs - does this mean you are not approved?

This is a list compiled by HMRC from companies wishing to offer their services. To quote from the website “Customs agents and fast parcel operators on this list are not approved or recommended by HMRC”. You can trust that C&D South West will provide a service to our clients that ensures continuity of service between the UK and EU.

Will you accept my products for export?

From 1st January 2021, certain products will require licensing and/or additional controls and as a shipper you will need to ensure you comply to the requirements.

Products that require new and additional processes include excise goods, food stuffs, and products of animal by-product.

Where additional or defined border controls posts (BCP) are required, we will be discussing this requirement with clients on an individual basis to ensure a solution which doesn’t compromise other cargo.

We will not be able to offer a service for excise goods (alcohol and tobacco) or consumer to consumer shipments otherwise called “personal effects” into the EU after 1st January 2021.

Why are Inco Terms so important?

International Commercial Terms define the responsibility for charges on freight movements and they define which liabilities pass between the shipper and consignee.

With currently no border controls on goods in the Customs Union it has been of little importance.

The most common likely export term that will be used for exporting to the EU is DAP (delivered at place) meaning the EU importer pays the UK exporter the cost of goods plus the shipping costs door to door excluding the import clearance and any duty/tax – which is paid by the importer. The transport is arranged by the seller to the buyer’s door. Similar definitions apply to importation INCO terms.

Through our network we can offer DAP uncleared (DAU) and DAP Cleared (DAC) for export consignments and FCA for import consignments. Please contact us if you have any query relating to these.

What happens if a shipment is sent to you without the correct information?

It is vital that as a shipper you do not send us any export consignments until they are customs cleared for departure.

If a client loads a pallet that does not have the correct export approval, resulting in the pallet being held at our central Palletforce hub, a storage charge per 24 hours will be applied. This is to discourage the build and congestion of export shipments which could risk the whole export pipeline.

How do I book a European Consignment?

European Import and Export consignments can be booked via our online portal. However, new mandatory information is now required as part of the consignment booking process. Completion of the export/import declaration needs additional information to enable export and import.

There is zero tolerance on the accuracy of customs declarations, so accurate data entry is mandatory. For more information on this, please check our blog post about Brexit Do’s & Don’ts here.

We do have guides on how to input your consignments if you are unsure, so please email [email protected] to request a copy of the European Alliance Input Guide.

Who will be my contact should I have issues with declarations?

Please contact a member of our customer services team should you have any issues with declarations.

If you have any more questions and your query is not listed above, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our customer service team.

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