Recognising The Importance of Being Environmentally Friendly in the Logistics Industry by Being Part of The Eco Stars Fleet Recognition Scheme

Eco Stars Fleet Recognition Scheme

C&D South West are proud to be part of the ECO Stars Fleet Recognition Scheme (Efficient and Cleaner Operations). It is a voluntary scheme designed to provide recognition, guidance and advice to operators of goods vehicles, buses and coaches.

ECO Stars rates individual vehicles and our fleet’s overall road transport operation using star rating criteria, to recognise levels of operational and environmental performance.

The ECO Stars scheme was the first of its kind in the UK, launched in 2009. Reducing road transport’s impact on local air quality.

The Regional Air Quality Initiative managers have helped C&D South West by encouraging us to invest in and improve our fleet environmental performance, including maximising carbon savings. The ECOSTARS Fleet Recognition that was subsequently developed was seen as an appropriate way of providing public recognition for operators of commercial vehicles who are active in taking steps to improve efficiency, reduce fuel consumption and reduce their impact on local air quality.

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