air, ship and truck showing cargo transportWhat is Cargo Transport?

If you’re new to the business of logistics you’ll find an array of keywords and phrases that describe services and a popular one is cargo transport.


Even just a few decades ago cargo transport was often used to describe goods that are transported by ship or aircraft. However, today the phrase now extends to intermodal train, van or truck.


The most common perception of cargo transport in modern times includes the use of containers which are used for long-haul cargo transport.


road haulage association member truckHow Can We Help You With Cargo?

Logistically we provide cargo transport in different ways. The most common is for us to collect cargo from containers at certain destinations such ports, airports and of course business locations.


As part of the PalletForce network we also have access to over 3000 trucks which can help find the best economical way of moving your cargo. From collection to delivery, from Europe to mainland UK we can help you find a solution of your cargo needs.


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