Pallet storage in Somerset or DorsetC&D South West Pallet Storage Solutions

Using C&D South West pallet storage is one of the most efficient and cost-effective methods of storing goods ready for distribution and delivery.


Store your palletised goods on a permanent or short term basis and you can either:


> Get us to collect the goods directly from you or you can arrange to have goods delivered to us

> If you use us we can either receive goods either pre-palletised or as loose cartons by container which are then palletised at our pallet storage centre

> You can store pallets for as long as is needed and either have them returned to you or distributed to your customers

> Flexible Prices from ยฃ2.75 per pallet per week

> Pallets to 120cm x 120cm x 150cm โ€“ Max Weight 1000Kg

> Minimum Contract 1 month


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