At C & D South West, we are committed to delivering a better future for all. We believe sustainable distribution should be a viable, eco-conscious choice that’s open to everybody.

As operators, it is our belief that we all have our part to play to protect the environment for generations to come and have a responsibility to protect our environment.

Our continued commitment to the environment involves being a climate-positive workforce, investing in the latest transport technology, efficient processes, and modern, economical vehicles that allow us to reduce our carbon footprint.

We are currently charging a sustainability surcharge to our clients, and this surcharge includes fuel, environmental, and emissions costs to support our commitment to a greener transport and logistics industry meaning a sustainable future for everyone.

Below shows our sustainability surcharge escalation figures and previous charges for 2021 onwards:

Sustainability Surcharge Escalator 2021

Fuel Base Rate (ppl) Fuel Increase (ppl) Fuel Surcharge (%)
101p 101p 111.9p 0.25%
101p 112p 114.9p 0.50%
101p 115p 117.9p 0.75%
101p 118p 120.9p 1.00%
101p 121p 123.9p 1.25%
101p 124p 126.9p 1.50%
101p 127p 129.9p 1.75%
101p 130p 132.9p 2.00%
101p 133p 135.9p 2.25%
101p 136p 138.9p 2.50%
101p 139p 141.9p 2.75%
101p 142p 144.9p 3.00%
101p 145p 147.9p 3.25%
101p 148p 150.9p 3.50%
101p 151p 153.9p 3.75%
101p 154p 156.9p 4.00%
101p 157p 159.9p 4.25%
101p 160p 162.9p 4.50%
101p 163p 165.9p 4.75%
101p 166p 168.9p 5.00%
101p 169p 171.9p 5.25%
101p 172p 174.9p 5.50%
101p 175p 177.9p 5.75%
101p 178p 180.9p 6.00%
101p 181p 183.9p 6.25%
101p 184p 186.9p 6.50%
101p 187p 189.9p 6.75%
101p 190p 192.9p 7.00%
101p 193p 195.9p 7.25%
101p 196p 198.9p 7.50%
101p 199p 201.9p 7.75%
101p 202p 204.9p 8.00%
101p 205p + 8.25%

Historical & Current Sustainability Surcharge 2021

Month Avg ppl Fuel Surcharge Surcharge Effective
Oct 21 142.24 3.00% 1/12/21
Sep 21 137.42 2.50% 1/11/21
Aug 21 137.05 2.50% 1/10/21
Jul 21 135.39 2.25% 1/09/21
Jun 21 133.38  2.25% 1/08/21
May 21 130.96 2.00% 1/07/21
Apr 21 129.50 1.75% 1/06/21
Mar 21 128.12 1.75% 1/05/21
Feb 21 124.63 1.50% 1/04/21
Jan 21 121.20 1.25% 1/03/21

To find out more about our commitment to sustainability, please click here.

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