Engineer waiting for delivery from distributionPallet Distribution for the Engineering Sector

The engineering sector is akin to the manufacturing industry but at times it requires a responsive delivery network that can deliver goods as and when a project demands it. Often engineering projects can change day-by-day so responsive, flexible distribution services are essential.


Engineering firms will also require a wide spectrum of fleet options e.g. small trucks for small parts and large trailers for large items. Most engineering firms also purchase many items such as metals and finished items. Therefore, a one-size-fits-all is just not enough.


Pallet delivery truck with Engineering goods boarding a ferry to Europe

Working with engineering and manufacturing companies throughout the UK, C&D South West provides a bespoke engineering distribution service. Plus as a founder shareholder member of PalletForce we provide a national network of pickup and deliveries throughout the UK and Europe that far outweigh our competitors.


Export Using Ports, Trains & Airlines

If you are exporting to other countries then we can help there too as we deliver to all major European countries and other transport networks, but you must ensure that your pallet is to the specification of the country. Speak to UKTI for more advice.


Why Should I Prepare My Pallet Correctly?

Depending on the type of journey your pallet needs to take to reach its destination, your pallet may be trans-shipped (placed off one truck and on to another, etc.) a few times. Of course at C&D we pride ourselves on reducing trans-shipment.


Engineered products in boxes on a pallet ready for delivery

Make sue your boxes or goods do not overlap the base of the pallet

During the trans-shipment process damage may occur, and though incredibly rare, when it does occur it is often due to inadequate packaging and preparation. So preparing your goods for pickup and delivery can keep your customer happy.


Pallet Selection

> Always use a pallet that is strong in construction and suitable for the type of goods you wish to carry on it.


> If need a tail-lift truck at either pickup or delivery points ensure you use a pallet that is accessible on all 4 sides so any trolley trucks can be used.


> Do not use pallets that missing boards or chocks


Pallet Packaging

The objective of pallet packaging is to secure the goods to the pallet base and safeguard any goods.


Advice on packaging goods for pallet delivery> Firstly ensure that boxes or goods are not overhanging the pallet base.


> Make sure that heavier boxes are packed at the bottom then use cardboard sheets between each layer to avoid movement during transit.


> Shrink wrap the pallet and goods together using either basic film wrap, heat shrink wrap or banded with strapping.


> You may wish to put a cardboard or bubble wrap layer around the whole pallet before wrapping if you believe extra protection is needed. Alternatively is you are transporting bagged goods place something on the base of the pallet to prevent any piercing.


> If your pallet needs to stand out at delivery point stick a large A4 branded stickers on to further promote your brand quality packaging services.


> If you are using liquid pallets for transportation ensure you check each one for breakages or joint fractures every six months.


What engineered products can be carried on pallets> Label the pallet (speak to our team for advice on what you should provide) and check the consignment description.


What We Can Take For Manufacturing Pallet Distribution

Though the list is almost endless we can carry almost all forms of goods relating to retail including raw goods, part and fully manufactured goods, ambient food and drink, plants, engineering parts, clothing, liquid pallets, posts and polls and much, much more.

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