At C & D South West Ltd we are proud to be FORS accredited since 2014 within the Transport Industry, ensuring our clients that you are working with a safe and reliable company by being part of the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme.


What is FORS?

The Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) is a voluntary accreditation scheme encompassing all aspects of safety, fuel efficiency, vehicle emissions and improved operations. FORS helps fleet operators to measure and monitor performance and alter their operations in order to demonstrate best practice. It is open to operators of vans, lorries, mini-buses, coaches and other vehicles, and to the organisations that award contracts to those operators.

John Hix , Director of FORS states ” Our vision is to enable all fleet operators to attain and maintain the best possible level of productivity and efficiency with the least impact on society and the environment and to facilitate continuous improvements in operating standards”

FORS is important to C & D as it helps to:

  • Improve road safety
  • Reduce the incidence of fines and other charges
  • Reduce fuel emissions and enhance fuel efficiency
  • Gain greater industry intelligence and networking opportunities
  • Stand out from the crowd

We are currently listed as the FORS Bronze accreditation, which confirms that we as an operator employ good practices and comply with the requirements laid out by the FORS Standard. This includes demonstrating dedication to driver and vehicle safety, combined with improving operating practices through effective monitoring of fuel and tyre usage.

Being part of FORS enables C & D South West Ltd to set the best practices within commercial vehicle fleet operations and critically it provides our customers with the assurance that by us being a FORS operator, we are committed to the best possible standards of safe and compliant operations on a day to day basis.

Showing our customers how at C & D, we deliver loads of quality by being a high quality haulage firm, adhering to high quality standards.

For More information about the FORS scheme, please visit their website.

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