This Week members of the management team across the 2 depots engaged with Management Consultant Steven Beeley from Yorkshire for an afternoon of interactive workshops and training.


The sessions were done over 2 days with 6 members of staff in each cohort, the first of on-going training to get the best out of all the employees at C & D to benefit not only themselves but the business as a whole.


The content focused mainly on People Management and how C & D are adopting a new approach towards managing others with a human resource perspective as opposed to the more traditional personnel management methods..


Perception, and cognitive bias including filters and prejudices were also looked at amongst the teams to broaden their understanding of each other, and ultimately help with team effectiveness.


Staff have already reacted positively to this training and are looking forward to the next Session with Steve to further widen their knowledge and understand modern management tools and techniques.



1st Training Group Pictured with Steven Beeley.


2nd Training Group pictured with Steven Beeley.

Darren Hammond, our Managing Director, commented


Darren Hammond, Managing Director

“We need to continually refresh our skills to keep up to date with new thinking and applied, transport sector

research. After all, our customers are doing exactly the same in their businesses and our mantra to Deliver Loads of Quality must be supported by carefully directed training and development that directly contributes to our business needs.”


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