Happy Somerset Day 2018!


It is Somerset Day 2018! and here is our submission for the A to Z Business Challenge! C & D South West Ltd are proud to collect and deliver loads of quality across Somerset and beyond, every day!


Today is organised by Passion for Somerset and is about celebrating Somerset as a place to Live, Work and Play! Those of us who live and work in Somerset know that our diverse region has a wealth of treasures from beautiful and historic cities, through rich farming traditions, to a business community which ranges from ground-breaking engineering and aeronautics to financial services.


“Passion for Somerset, the not for profit Community Interest Company which champions this most beautiful and bountiful of British counties has the single aim of celebrating Somerset and all it has to offer, and shouting this from the treetops; you can help make sure Somerset isn’t a well-kept secret, but known to be open for business and welcoming visitors every day of the year.


Passion for Somerset’s work centres around ‘Somerset Day’ held on May 11th every year, in honour of King Alfred the Great’s routing of the Vikings from his stronghold in the Somerset marshes in May 878″.


Happy Somerset Day!


We proud to work in such a beautiful county with such a diverse range of Businesses! With our client base ranging from breweries to coffin makers, we love seeing local businesses strive and supporting any distribution and storage requirements they have.


We thanks all our customers, staff and suppliers for supporting us everyday as none of this would be possible without you! If you would like to find out more about the services we offer across the county and beyond that, please click here or do not hesitate to contact a member of our team today on 01460 64701.

To find out more about Somerset Day, please visit http://www.somersetday.com! 




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