The month of October is one of the best months of the year with cosy jumpers, stacks of Autumn leaves to jump into, national pizza month (who knew?), and of course Halloween.

This year, Chard-based transport and logistics company C&D has been engaged by The Jolly Group to distribute precious cargo of iconic Halloween pumpkins to wholesale resellers, farm shops, and pumpkin patches in and around the south west region.

Lorna Hammond, Managing Director of C&D South West said,

“We’re often called upon to transport commodities that require a special amount of care and attention, but Halloween pumpkins rank high on the list of the most unusual.

“Jolly Pumpkins approached us at the beginning of Summer as a specialist haulier to make sure that we could distribute their precious produce safely and securely, applying the same amount of loving care and attention to detail as their growers. Deploying some specialist loading techniques and specially adapted trailers we’ve already transported over 4,000 pumpkins to their new homes in time for the Halloween celebrations, and we’ve still a week to go.

“The team and I at C&D are really looking forward to seeing each and every one of them carved into ‘Jack O’Lanterns’, on display in gardens and on doorsteps across the region on 31st October this year.”  

Jolly Pumpkins ready for delivery on a C&D Truck.

Ross Wright, owner of The Jolly Group said,

“We plant our seeds as early as April and it takes 6 months to get our pumpkins to an acceptable size, so it’s essential that we work with a transport company who we can trust to distribute them with the same care and attention that we apply when growing them.

“For our Jolly Pumpkin pick your own event in Exeter, we have over 50 varieties available from wrinkly ones, knobbly ones, shiny pumpkins in an array of different shapes and sizes, to lumpy squashes and quirky gourds. With varieties like ‘Turks Turban’, ‘Polar Bear’, ‘The Crown Prince’ and ‘The Goosebump’ their names are as unusual as their shape.”

It’s no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic put more than a dampener on last year’s Halloween celebrations, with Trick or Treat outings cancelled because of government guidelines, so it’s highly likely that this year we’ll see a renewed enthusiasm for all things ghostly and ghoulish.

Pallet of pumpkins being offloaded a lorry.
Jolly Pumpkins being loaded on a C&D Truck.

Ross continued,

“We’re delighted to be working with Lorna and the C&D team to take our pumpkins to market. It’s great to know that they’re in safe hands ready for what I’m sure will be a pretty spooktacular Halloween.”

Images of Pumpkin Patch
Images of the Jolly Pumpkin, Pumpkin Patch!

The Jolly Group are, once again hosting their annual ‘Jolly Pumpkin’ events, held throughout the month of October within the village of Silverton, just outside of Exeter.  For more details and to purchase tickets visit

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