From the 31st May 2023, longer trailers, known as longer semi-trailers (LST) measuring up to 2.05 metres longer than a standard semi-trailer can be operated on UK roads.

The move follows an 11-year trial to ensure LSTs are operated safely on our roads. Operators of LST’s will be encouraged to implement extra safety checks and ensure additional training in place. During the course of the extended safety trial LSTs were involved in around 61% fewer personal injury collisions than standard length combinations.

C & D South West have been part of the Government trial for LST’s since 2012, and currently operate six of these trailers within the operation for the night trunking operation with our pallet network operations.

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The government announced that the trial has revealed significant environmental benefits with running LST’s, including a considerable reduction of 70,000 tonnes of CO2 and 97 tonnes of NOx over the course of the trial. The longer vehicles will be able to transport fast-moving consumer goods and retail products, as well as waste packaging, parcels and pallets.

These new LST combinations will move the same volume of goods, but it estimated the same volume will reduce journeys by 8% when compared to standard length trailers and its estimated to yield £1.4 billion in economic benefits by reducing standard-size trailer trips.

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