Talks intended to avert strikes on the London Underground have ended without agreement. [divider height=”30″ line=”1″] Members of the Maritime and Transport union (RMT) and the Transport Salaried Staffs Association (TSSA) are due to walk out for 48 hours from 21:00 GMT on Tuesday and again on 11 February. Union leaders have offered to suspend strikes if plans for ticket office closures are put on hold. TfL has said it hopes to run a limited service on some lines. [divider height=”30″ line=”1″] ‘Absolutely outrageous’ Talks were held at the conciliation service Acas and may resume on Tuesday. RMT general secretary Bob Crow told a news conference: “We are prepared to suspend the industrial action if the mayor is prepared to suspend the job losses. “In the meantime, the action remains on. These cuts will be followed by more and more cuts unless we do something about it.” [divider height=”30″ line=”1″] [article_box image=”” title=”” link=”” link_title=”” target=”” first=”0″] Costumers are advised that this will impact significantly on delivery times and to make adjustments accordingly [/article_box] [divider height=”30″ line=”1″]

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