COVID19- Service Levels Update

Copy of European services

As per the previous updates regarding COVID-19 we continue to closely monitor the latest information and government advice regarding coronavirus. Through our network partnership with Palletforce, we are providing frequent updates regarding the Service Levels across the network in the UK and Europe.

Palletforce have advised us that they are updating the network accordingly as the situation develops regarding any changes to services. However, The situation is fluid; therefore any major changes will be communicated ASAP.

UK Network & Hub Operations

Status – Normal operations

The network is still operating a normal service across the UK and all services are still currently available.

Amazon Network

Status – Normal operations

Amazon are reporting to our Control Tower that their operations are as normal at all FCs apart from Peterborough EUK5 which is running around 2 days behind and Coventry BHX4 which is now running around 5-6 days behind. Please note that Amazon FCs in France are currently closed therefore please do not send freight until further notice

European Network

Generally we are operating as close to “business as usual” as possible, however please be aware of the following guidance.

  • Our European partners are requesting that the senders of the goods confirm the consignee is open and OK to receive goods(eg. Many restaurants, hotels, schools etc are closed). This is to avoid backlogs of freight, storage charges and consignments being returned. Feedback from our partners suggests that this confirmation is not happening in all cases.
  • Please ensure every European job has a contact phone number on. Again, many jobs do not have this information on them.


Country Depot Status Remarks
Germany 349 Green
Austria 349 Amber Re-Routing: Network has general delays of up to 24 hours
Slovakia 349 Amber Re-Routing: Network has general delays of up to 72 hours
Spain & Portugal 090 Amber Manufacturing and construction have returned to work this week,
increasing the amount of companies open. All shops, restaurants, schools
and bars still closed. People are not allowed out their homes, unless for
work or visiting the supermarket or pharmacy.
Deliveries to private addresses therefore still restricted.
Groupage departures are still leaving and local distribution is working –
delays shouldn’t exceed 48 hours.
Benelux 331/332 Amber Delays of up to 24 hours
ROI 052 Green  
Italy 307 Amber Network operating as normal, however certain significant restrictions on
postcodes – please check with D307 before sending. All non-essential
companies closed on Wednesday 25th March
France 333 Amber Network has general delays of up to 48 hours. All Amazon FCs are closed.
Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Rep. Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania 348 Amber Network has general delays of up to 72 hours
Scandanavia 345 Amber Network has general delays of up to 48 hours
Switzerland 345 Amber Network has general delays of up to 72 hours
Greece & Turkey 330 Amber Network has general delays of up to 72 hours

We hope this provides you with clarity in these uncertain times however if you are in any doubt regarding service levels, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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