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As major flooding is hitting the south west, many have been forced to evacuate their homes, leaving roads, railways and people’s property damaged.

These storms are battering the whole of UK and may cause disruption on the roads and ferry’s, thus delaying delivery. Please be aware of how this may affect your order and know we will do our best in this difficult time.




Forecasters say there will be an “improving picture” on Wednesday evening. But there will be rain moving up from the south coast on Thursday morning which will spread to south-west England in late morning. About 20-30mm of rain is expected throughout the day.

More heavy rain and gales are forecast for Friday night into Saturday.

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Dawlish resident Robert Parker said the storm was “like the end of the world”.

He said: “It was like an earthquake. I’ve never experienced anything like it. I’ve been in some terrible storms in the North Sea, but last night was just a force of nature.”

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