The start of 2021 has been extremely challenging for all logistics providers transporting freight to and from the UK, however because of our Brexit planning and Palletforce network membership, we have been able to maintain our services to many European markets.

The end of last week saw a strong increase in the number of departing trailers to Republic of Ireland, Germany and France and our network are clearing more conforming exports and ensuring successful deliveries.  However, Current service suspensions are still in place for Eastern Europe, Turkey and Greece but our network do have a full complement of departing services planned for this week for all other destinations.

Following recent changes in the Customs processes with our German partner the FCA collection service is now operating fully once more.   We are still seeing some challenges and delays with customs due to certain documentation not being completed correctly, it is imperative that all the guidance we have sent is adhered to. This will minimise any potential delays further down the line.  

The biggest single reason for shipments not going forwards quickly is incomplete export DRA forms – to be completed by you as the exporter on your letterhead – and incomplete import DRAs – to be completed by the importer on THEIR letterhead.  

Netherlands Deliveries Update
Please note for the Netherlands, the DR form always needs to be accompanied by a copy of the chamber of commerce (no older than 3 months) to show who is authorized to sign these kind of forms and a copy of ID or passport to confirm the signature. We will also need an email address where we can send an invoice to when duties and/or VAT is applied by customs.

Current Status Of European Service Lanes
Below is a summary of the issues across the European service lanes that the network is currently experiencing.

A gentle reminder- please do not load goods onto our collection vehicles until we have received customs clearance.  

HMRC have a lot of useful information regarding Brexit, please click here to see videos explaining more information and here for further downloads that may be useful if you do not already have them.

We have a range of further supporting documents available should you require any further information, however, please be assured C & D are here to support your European Distribution despite Brexit. 

We hope you have found this information useful, but please contact us on 01460 64701 with any questions you may have or to request a quote. 

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