We are through the first month of shipping to Europe post-Brexit and we have successfully shipped and cleared into a number of European destinations in this time. In the main, shipments are clearing customs albeit with a few delays, however, we are still seeing some delays in certain areas such as Germany and the ROI.

At C & D South West, we can offer European Export & Import services through our Palletforce network to over 42 countries, using DAP Uncleared (DAU) and DAP Cleared (DAC) for Export and FCA for Import. We can be appointed as your direct representative and handle customs declarations on your behalf, however, getting the right information from the shipper is crucial for us to ensure a hassle-free service.

To help speed up the process and prevent any unnecessary delays, we have put together a few tips to help ensure a smooth transition of freight to Europe. Please see below our current Do’s & Don’ts to bear in mind for your shipments. 


DO Use our online alliance booking platform to complete all necessary information required to ship to Europe
DO ensure you have sent us a copy of your Direct Representation form for Europe and ROI
DO ensure you have sent us a copy of your Importers Direct Representation form for the relevant country
DO upload an accurate commercial invoice to every shipment – see checklist below
DO ensure for every NI shipment we have your XI EORI and a TSS reg number
DO Allow additional transit time once shipped to our hub for onward shipment, this varies on the country at the moment so please call us if you require more information
DO Make sure you are aware of the new UK export and EU import clearance charges applicable 
DO Make sure you provide an accurate contact name, number, and email address for both the collection and delivery point


DON’T Send your goods to us without the above information
DON’T Use incorrect information for the mandatory booking fields, this needs to be accurate for smooth customs clearance
DON’T Send us your goods before confirmation of customs clearance
DON’T Send us any shipments with DDP incoterms
DON’T Send any foodstuffs/organic products requiring health checks at exit/entry ports, personal effects, or excise goods (including cigarettes or alcohol) as these will not be accepted through our network
DON’T change the number of pallets or shipment details after manifesting without contacting us 
Commercial Invoices

We have had a lot of requests for a template as to what should be included on a commercial invoice. Please see the below checklist which you can use as a guide for information to be used when creating your commercial invoices for European shipments.

HMRC have a lot of useful information regarding Brexit, please click here to see videos explaining more information and here for further downloads that may be useful if you do not already have them. To download our full Commercial Invoice checklist and updated Brexit FAQs please click here.

We have a range of further supporting documents available should you require any further information, however, please be assured C & D are here to support your European Distribution despite Brexit. 

We hope you have found this information useful, but please contact us with any questions you may have. 

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