A ‘manifest’ is a compilation of information about the goods carried on a means of transport together with the information about the means of transport.

Manifesting your freight correctly is key to smooth delivery of your pallets. This means delays are minimised and there’s no nasty surprises, ensuring your goods reach your customer on time and without issues.

With this in mind, we have put together a list of our top tips for manifesting your deliveries…

  • Ensure the pallet size and weight are entered correctly when booking your freight with us, if in doubt please refer to our pallet dimensions. This is the first stage that needs to be considered.


  • Make sure the goods are on a suitable, sturdy pallet with sufficient packaging and pallet wrap. Download our pallet presentation guide below for further tips on this! If you are still unsure on this, contact our Customer Services team on 01460 64701.


  • If the pallet is oversized, please ensure this is stated when booking the pallet and that the dimensions are entered in the consignment notes lines one. This ensures we are prepared for this and your goods will not be delayed.


  • Always leave a telephone number and contact name for the delivery or collection point, that way in the event of any issues the driver has a contact they can speak to. Being able to resolve any issues quickly and efficiently is key to ensuring a smooth delivery.


  • If your customer has no offloading facilities on site, be sure to use the Tail-Lift delivery option* (*certain restrictions apply). If you require any further information on this, contact our Customer Services team here 01460 64701.


  • Use surcharges where relevant for specific delivery days or timed deliveries if you know your customer has limited hours in which they can accept their goods. The standard delivery window is 09:00 – 17:00. It’s important to be aware of this so that you can prepare for any changes needed.


  • If in doubt about anything when booking a job with us, please just ask! Our customer service team are here to help and ensure your pallet journey is as smooth as possible.

Simple as can be, our team are always on hand to support with any questions or queries, but if you follow the above steps we should be able to have your goods moving in no time.

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