Coinciding with Decarbonisation Day at the COP27 global climate change summit, C&D South West’s network partners, Palletforce have recently launched an emissions tracking tool to help network customers track emissions associated with deliveries.

Building on its reputation for pioneering innovative, value-adding technology, Palletforce is the first pallet network to launch EcoScope, an emissions monitoring tool with the ability to report on emissions for every single consignment.

Detailing the carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e), nitrogen oxides (NOx), sulphur dioxide (SO2) and particulate matter (PM10) emissions, the information will prove invaluable in allowing member companies to support customers in reporting on and reducing their scope 3 emissions.

Customers can easily pull reports and data generated by EcoScope from the Palletforce Alliance system.

The launch comes as EV Cargo’s Chief Sustainability Officer Virginia Alzina attends COP27 to showcase the company’s decarbonisation roadmap and develop partnerships to help meet its sustainability and net zero targets.

Palletforce is working to becoming net zero across scope 1 and 2 emissions by 2030 and is working alongside members to significantly reduce scope 3 emissions.

Kate Lovatt, Palletforce IT Director, said: “The launch of EcoScope sees Palletforce once again lead the way as the first pallet network to offer this level of information and we continue to arm our members with sector-leading technology to further drive customer service levels and reduce environmental impact.

“Many of our members have customers that are required to report on their emissions and EcoScope will help them easily access the live data for each consignment and support their individual decarbonisation and sustainability targets.”

C & D South West who are founding members of the Palletforce Network, have set a number of sustainability targets and already undertaken a number of initiatives to drive a more enviromental way of doing logistics within their operation such as: carbon offsetting, optimised route planning, euro six vehicles, double deck trailers with aerodynamic profiles, longer length trailers with 15% extra capacity and led lighting to name a few.

Lorna Hammond, Managing Director of C & D South West, said: “Sustainability is crucial to our operations here at C & D South West and we are always looking at ways to improve this. We have many clients that are starting to require emissions data for their ESG reporting and EcoScope will be another valuable asset in our portfolio of support services for customers.

“It’s extremely positive that Palletforce has seized the initiative to help with emissions reporting and ultimately reduction, as we all aim to decarbonise supply chains.”

To find out more about C & D’s committment to sustainability click here, or to get in touch regarding EcoScope please click here to contact a member of the team.

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