C&D South West has recently taken the step to replace all forklift trucks in operation with electric versions, following on-going commitment to reduce their carbon footprint and lead the way to sustainability in the logistics sector.

The organisation made a commitment as a part of their sustainability targets for their forklifts to be ‘fossil fuel free’ by 2025, and after the recent switchover, have fulfilled this ambition 2 years ahead of their target. Based on C&D’s average annual usage of 8,733 litres of Diesel per year for fuelling their forklifts, it is estimated the switch to electric will save around 23,404kg of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere per annum, something which the organisation knows will aid in delivering a better future for the planet.

The first truck that was delivered to the Martock site in February 2023, was the AisleMaster 20 NE MK2 48V electric articulated forklift. This truck is 6900kgs unladen and has a rated lifting capacity of 2000kgs, the battery itself weights 1835kgs and this truck has intended operations for narrow aisle warehouse, so is perfect for the Martock site that was invested in last year to support the growing warehouse and storage operation.

The remaining forklifts based in Chard, are Mitsubishi FB20AN Electric Powered forklift trucks, with a rated lifting capacity of 2000kgs, simplex 2 stage masts, 4500mm lift height and red safety zones for pedestrian safety in the yard. All trucks were supplied by Alto Handling.

Without support and investment from Somerset Council, this would not have been possible.Supporting C&D through the Growth Accelerator Fund, the cost of the forklifts has been 50% funded, greatly increasing the time scale in which the organisation has been able to implement this change.

On the introduction of the forklifts, Lorna Hammond, Managing Director said,

“From my point of view, I am very proud that we have been able to achieve our sustainability target of fossil free forklifts by 2023, rather than 2025 as originally planned and is a key step within our sustainability journey.  

I am also very thankful for the support from Somerset Council with the grant meaning we have been able to achieve this milestone quicker than planned and most importantly reducing our emissions. 

I look forward to continuing to focus on pushing forward our sustainability plans for the future, and ensuring that C&D lead the way for viable, eco-conscious distribution that will transform such an essential industry.”

In addition to the clear benefits this change has made to cost savings for the business and co2, there are also noise pollution considerations making the working environment far more comfortable for people to work in, leading to a happier team.

C&D are now focused on how they can continue to improve their sustainability and meet those all important targets they have set. To find out more regarding sustainability at C&D, please click here.

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