Last Updated: 24th June 2021

Following on from our previous communications on the 26th of April, we continue to see high volumes sustained across our industry and pallet network – posing both general challenges across the country and more acute problems concentrated on specific geographies.

The main areas within our network that are facing significant delays and backlogs are as shown below:

These depots are working intensely along with the support of senior management at Palletforce to restore their operational shape as soon as possible. Whilst there are challenges across the industry and network, the depots noted have suffered more acutely than others as a result of this. This list will be updated weekly to show progress and any additional issues which are identified in the network.

The challenges facing the entire road transport industry have been recognised and highlighted by the Association of Pallet Networks in a recent communication that can be viewed here.

As a haulier, we are not immune to the issues, but we are taking a proactive approach to face up to the challenges to continue delivering loads of quality. Therefore our Palletforce network have taken the decision to implement the following additional operational changes.

Previous operational changes/updates – as previously stated the below measures also went in place on Thursday 13th May 2021 and are being reviewed weekly. They will be in place until Monday 5th July 2021 at the earliest and if this changes we will communicate as soon as possible.

The current situation has been driven by the changing commercial environment and consumer culture. It has been exacerbated by challenges within our industry including driver and vehicle resource shortages.

Due to the unprecedented surge in freight, we would politely ask that you can make your customers and delivery points aware of the current issues within our sector. This is so they can understand why certain services could be delayed at this moment in time.

To minimise further delays, we also please ask that all freight is well presented. Additionally, any prior notice that can be given for higher volumes of freight would be appreciated. This is to allow us and our network partners to best plan our resources and allocate vehicles more efficiently.

If you require a copy of our Pallet Presentation Guidelines, please click here.

We hope that you can understand the current circumstances, should your consignments be subject to any delays and we will endeavor to keep all of our clients informed as promptly as possible with regards to any such delays.

Assuring you of our very best intentions at all times.

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